It’s Really Happening.

Good day, all!

I’m celebrating another small victory, or perhaps large victory.

A little more than one year ago, I set out to return to school and complete my degree with the ambition of continuing onwards to law school.

Last weekend, I took my Law School Admission Test, or LSATs.  Three hours of problem solving and logic puzzles.  I did it!  I’m that much closer to the goal line!

I started writing this post on September 30, 2016 after that mind numbing exercise known as the Law School Admissions Test.  I was ecstatic that I finished this test and was that much closer to achieving the goal I set out to accomplish … until I changed paths.  There have been many updates:

I am no longer interested in law school.  Being back in the classroom and thinking about the circumstances which brought me to this point, I have strongly considered graduate school for social work and American cultural studies, in that order.  I feel that I am of better services to others, and it is more rewarding to myself, to work in interdisciplinary ways which heal and create.

My blogs.  I have had an awkward relationship with blogging which I am truly attempting to shed.  I have compartmentalized my writing experiences in such a way that fragmented sounds like a much better word.  A blog for being a non-traditional student, a blog for sales and marketing strategies, a page for artwork, book reviews, being Christian, fiction writing, and being the scapegoated adult child from a dysfunctional family.  There’s a lot I want to say and just committing myself to any one voice in any singular moment just leaves me speechless, with nothing to say at all.  So, I’m consolidating and moving my blogs into a new home, which I hope you will continue to follow:

Back to School!

Another school year begins!

I’m excited and glad to be back this term. Work-life balance has kept me pretty busy over the summer; that and studying for my LSATs, which are now only a few weeks away.

Im sitting here in a campus dining hall, in my mid-thirties, and remembering just how depressed, sad and exhausted I was when I sat in a campus dining hall almost twenty years ago.

It was almost a reality that I would not be sitting here this evening due to my financial state.  Unfortunately, I could not secure a private student loan this year which would allowed me to continue full-time and graduate in May.  However, I am at three-quarter time and optimistic that I can finish over the summer or next December at the latest.  The reality of the matter is that my returning to school was a long-ball move where I am succeeded academically and professionally albeit with a lot of short-term “bumps in the road”, as they say.

I hope to explore those “bumps” with you this year in my blog.  How does a 35 year old single father work raise his child and go to school?  Why?  And what went “wrong” the first time around?  I look forward to exploring those questions with you.  Right now, I wish I could share this burrito because it is absolutely delicious.