Multicultural and Anti-Racist Resources Hello!  As a history and social studies teacher at a private high school, I help young people understand the evolution of the human consciousness and how to make sense of difficult questions of living in the social world.  I help students with the "hard yoga" -- the flex-work, strengthening and breathing -- of living … Continue reading Multicultural and Anti-Racist Resources

“The New Colossus” in the Age of “Shithole Countries”

Jimmy Carter was President when I was born. He was the Sunday School teacher who wore sweaters when it was chilly, carried his own bags and had no real discernible ideology other than a commitment to peace. As a child, I don't ever remember hearing, "That might be how President [George H.W.] Bush talks but … Continue reading “The New Colossus” in the Age of “Shithole Countries”